Subconscious là gì

the part of your mind that notices and remembers information when you are not actively trying to vì chưng so, & influences your behaviour even though you bởi vì not realize it:

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relating to thoughts và feelings that exist in the mind và influence your behavior although you are not aware of them:
While the matched guise thử nghiệm documented subconscious language attitudes, the survey questions documented conscious, over t evaluations of language.
An element of conscious or subconscious collusion between exorcists và demoniacs cannot be entirely dismissed.
The contextual influence can be direct, explicit, and aware or indirect, implicit, & subconscious.
Mental operations are physical, subconscious processes, constrained by physical limits on how inclusion in new sequences can occur.
Whereas the individual cells celebrate the rationalistic, the mechanical, & industrial, the lower element celebrates the poetic, painterly, và imaginative - the creativity of the subconscious.
The musicians may be employing subconscious cognitive & affective processes during improvisation that do not produce observable behaviours.
Implications for developing a comprehensive neurology for emotions, repression, & the subconscious.
I begin with analysis of the over t evaluations before proceeding lớn the subconscious matched guise demo data.
He believed, it would seem, that excessive repetition of simple phrases bypasses reason in favour of some subconscious level.
Particularly problematic, because of the subconscious cấp độ of the operation, was the assessment of new or given status and corresponding assignment of tone.
The activation and application of such knowledge is subconscious and does not require attentional resources.

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The answer is that it is inevitable because accommodation is not only a subconscious but also a deeply automatic process.
The difference between thinking about what one is doing, và thinking what one is doing, is the difference between the conscious and the subconscious.
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a person or organization whose job is khổng lồ keep works of art, important buildings, or valuable cultural objects in good condition

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