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They opened the snack bar for không lấy phí food & drinks while passengers waited about two hours khổng lồ disembark.
Some people fish from the 400-foot-long pier, and others picnic under the shelter adjacent to the snack bar.
As a teen, he drove a golf cart & built guesthouses before becoming a snack bar attendant at age 15.
The snack bar on the island offers basic hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos & soft drinks, along with beer và margaritas.
The popular county swimming pool includes several pools of varying sizes, grassy areas, snack bar và bathhouse.
There are also charcoal grills, picnic tables in a large grassy area, a snack bar, sand volleyball court & beach gear rental (chairs, umbrellas, bag toss game).
We were awakened one night by a mouse that had gnawed through the pocket of a backpack & was wrestling with the wrapper of a snack bar inside.
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