Interpolation là gì

In his adaptation of the script he interpolated the words "tempus fugit" & the translation "time flies".

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Coleridge-Taylor was keen on interpolating African-American spirituals into the classical music tradition.

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to showroom a number or thành công into the middle of a series, calculated based on the numbers or items before và after it:
Additional jobs are evaluated and their monetary values for each factor interpolated into the scale.

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Học các từ bạn cần tiếp xúc một biện pháp tự tin.

Therefore, linearly interpolating cepstral coefficients results in logarithmic interpolating of amplitude.
What he discovered was how one interpolates between the equilibrium measure and the original measure as the algorithm proceeds.
The stream function is differenced on the grid to produce a velocity field, which is finally interpolated back to lớn the vortex positions.
The pressure-strain mã sản phẩm for moderately non-equilibrium turbulence is obtained by interpolating between the rapid distortion & equilibrium models using a parameter called the timescale ratio.
In figure 1 we show a schematic plot of (1.1) and (1.2), interpolated empirically và using physically motivated parameter choices as described in the caption.
The rest of the points were interpolated using a weighted average, with respect lớn the neighbouring variance estimates.
They are either given in the original problem formulation or interpolated from an overlapping segment in the other coordinate direction.
The travel times and possibly amplitudes on the wave front are interpolated onto a regular grid as the front propagates (right).
Both, the upper & lower surfaces are flat & the position of the internal nodes is linearly interpolated between these surfaces and the perturbed interface.